Friday, 6 March 2009

New books

Lovely complimentary books arrived today - Mum's already proudly taken one off my hands!


  1. Looks lovely. Shall pick up a copy if I spy one, looks like the kind of thing my daughter likes at bedtime.

  2. Your work is awesome...I am a fellow artist and a big fan. I have seen your work floating around the web for a while, but I never knew your name. Then today I randomly stumbled upon your flickr site, then I googled your name and found this blog. I love the internet.

  3. Cheers Rob - nice one
    If you do get hold of one - hope you and your daughter enjoy!
    Cheers Jason
    Nice of you to let me know
    Your work is cool by the way


  4. i would love to be doing books one day, these are great!