Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday doodle session

Thought I'd try a bit of charcoal for a change.
I wasn't feeling particularly miserable, but the critters clearly are!


  1. I really like your stuff Fred! I'm new to the idea of having a blog page - but it is such a good thing to be able to see people having fun drawing. I hope i make the effort in future to show a bit of behind the scenes stuff too. In the meantime I shall enjoy looking.

    All the best. Sam.

  2. Cheers Sam

    I'm new to this blogging lark too
    I'll get it one of these days!

    Stopped by your blog earlier... great stuff my friend


  3. Wow. These doodles are great. Really fun looking! Hehe I love the rabbit!

  4. Cheers Paco that's cool of you to say so