Monday, 18 May 2009

brush pen doodles

I was experimenting with a dirty big brush pen yesterday... here's a small selection of doodles I quite liked - coloured up in PS


  1. Can't go wrong with dirty big brush pens I reckon. They are very useful indeed! nice plank of wood you've got in there too : )

    what happened to your other pics Fred?

  2. Hi Sam
    Yeah - I do like a brush pen, something about the unexpected wobblyness of line :)
    I decided that i would try to make the blog more about random doodles than commissioned illustrations, so I took a load down. Oh - and took a load of crap stuff down, and anything that might not be published - in case I get into trouble!!
    I'm waiting for some new posts on your blog... any coming soon?
    Cheers mate

  3. Fair play. If I don't post commissioned artwork there would be even less on my page! I've stuck some big colour thing on mine now so you can have a butcher's at that. I realised that I am not going to do blogging - rather keep mine as a holding page of images and edit the few posts as and when for clarity : ) btw - I'm sure i tried to post this already but something has gone awry ..... ghost in the machine and all that