Monday, 13 August 2012

clean up doodles

Been having a massive clearout in the studio today. Sifted through piles of loose drawings, here are a few random ones that I scanned in, rather than chuck in the recycling box.


  1. Cool. These are great, Fred! It's horrible when you have to decide what to chuck away - For some reason, I find it much easier to dispose of finished art, rather than all the working drawings...

    good job you saved these ones : )

  2. Any of these for sale Fred? I quite fancy the suited crow + fish on legs one.

  3. Ey up Fred
    I am bowled over by the sheer volume of happy japes crammed into your drawings. Excellent work all around

  4. Thanks So much, Sam, Tim & Mick!
    V-kind of you chaps!
    I agree with you there, Sam.. most of the book stuff I go goes in the bin.. I'm much more attached to the random things!

    Tim, I do have that doodle.. it's part of a page of doodles - not all good!
    You're welcome to it free of charge if you like?

    Ey up, Mick
    You's a gent :)

  5. Ohh I love all of these !!!

  6. Hey Fred,

    Man, these are so fresh! Hardly a spare mark to be found amongst them, so economical. Love the slightly suprised cow, the long haired, stripey shirted dog and those mice.

    Are the mice digitally textured? What is the process here? I know they are just quick (almost throwaway) doodles but what is your preferred method of attack/materials?
    I have been loving "The Rabbits Tale" lately, good story and really fun, bright colourful pictures. Keep up the good times!